Electrical Hardware

Electrical Hardware includes an extensive range of hardware products, components and accessories that are used for the distribution, supply and usage of electricity. It includes everything from electrical cable, wire and meters to lighting fixtures, bulbs and fans. Some of the important electrical hardware products types are as follows: Electrical Cable, Electrical Socket, Electrical Wire, Electric Cord, Switch Gears, Earthing Accessories, Cable & Wire Fittings, Electrical Plug, Adapters, Busbars, Electric Meters, Lighting Fixtures, Electrical Box, Light Bulbs, Electric Fans and more.

Among the most popular electrical products sold are connectors, electrical lugs and meter jaws, compression lugs, die cast meter. We are is also one of the very few companies that sells contact nuts. In addition to standard sizing, we also supply electrical products with metric measurements.

Whatever your electrical needs, please contact us for your specific requirements and give us an opportunity to earn your business.