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Assorted Zip & Cable Ties

Zip Ties / Cable Ties:
A Zip or Cable Tie is a type of fastener consisting of a plastic strip with serrations on one end that lock inside an opening on the other end, used to bind things together, especially wires and small diameter tubes. There are many different types of zip or cable ties on the market today.  Some deal with extreme temperatures while others provide the ability to hold heavy loads securely.    Below are descriptions of some of the zip and cable ties we offer.

Nylon Ties
These are our most popular item.  Depending on the type of tie you need, their normal environmental operating temperature range is 40º F to 185º F.   The nylon cable ties are called miniature, standard, intermediate, heavy duty, and extra heavy duty.  These names have to do with the size of the tie as well as the tensile strength.

Halar Ties
Also known as plenum cable ties, these are the most durable ties used.  These cable ties are used in nuclear plants, chemical environments, telecommunications equipment, aerospace, and high and low temperature environments. They are resistant to fire, radiation, and emit a very low quantity of smoke if burnt.  They have a maximum continuous operating temperature of 302ºF.  Depending on the size, the tensile strength ranges from 18 to 50 lbs.

Tefzel Ties
Tefzel Ties have a distinctive aqua color.  Tefzel cable ties are mainly used in applications that require resistance to environmental hazards such as chemical attacks, gamma and ultraviolet radiation, and extreme temperatures up to 300ºF. These cable ties are fire and acid resistant as well.  The tensile strength will range from 18 – 120 lbs.

Releasable Zip and Cable Ties
These cable ties are a cost effective way of bundling items when there is a possibility of having to re-bundle or rearrange the items being secured by the tie.  These cable ties have a tensile strength of between 40 – 50 lbs.


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