We Will Manufacture Parts to Your Complete Satisfaction

We will make any metal or plastic component part to your drawings and specifications. It doesn’t matter if it is a small prototype run or very large production quantities, we have vast manufacturing capabilities with significant capacity to make your parts quickly, competitively and will guarantee complete satisfaction.

We specialized in Castings, Cold-Heading, Electrical Hardware, Four-Slide Components, Full Service Machining, Injection Molding of ABS, CPVC and Assorted Plastics, Mechanical Fasteners, Metal Fabrication, Forming and Stamping, Springs, Strip and Wire Formed Components.

In addition, we will provide you with engineering and product development assistance to help bring your new concepts and ideas to market. 


What product or service can we help you with? Please Click On the Product links listed below to view specific services we offer and to examine our vast manufacturing capabilities. From product development to the delivery of your completed order, we can handle all your manufacturing requirements. If our offerings match your requirements, please tell us what we can help you with and LET US EARN YOUR BUSINESS!


Castings – Metal

Cold Headed Components
Asst Cold-Headed Parts

Electrical Components

Fasteners – MechanicalAssorted Fasteners Image 1


Four-Slide Components

Injection Molded Plastic
Plastic Molded Parts

Machining – CNC, Swiss, Screw

Metal Fabrication
Laser Cutting


Stamping – Metal
stamped component

Wire Formingwireforms2


  • Industries We Serve; Components, Parts and Services We Provide – CLICK HERE
    • Aircraft Component Parts and Supplies
    • Automotive Component Parts Fasteners and Supplies
    • Biotech Machined Components Parts and Fasteners
    • Construction Fasteners, Supplies and Tools
    • Defense & Military Fasteners, Hardware and Machined Component Parts
    • Electrical Connectors, Insulators, Lugs, Terminal Blocks, Assorted Supplies
    • Electronic Component Parts and Supplies
    • Firearms Machined Components Parts and Fasteners
    • Food & Beverage Fasteners, Machined Component Parts, Fasteners and Supplies
    • Medical Machined Components Parts, Fasteners and Supplies
    • Oil Field and Energy Components Parts and Fasteners and Supplies
    • Water Filtration and Distribution Injection Molding, Machined Components, Fasteners and Supplies

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