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Assorted Staples

A Staple is a type of fastener consisting a piece of thin metal wire shaped in a loop, both ends of which are driven into a surface to hold the hook, hasp, or bolt of a lock, secure a rope, or fix a wire in place. The legs of a staple can be allowed to protrude out the back side and folded over to provide greater binding than the friction of straight legs provide.

Common Types of Staples and Their Uses
Fine Wire Staples are the thinnest type of staples. It is for delicate applications where the staple needs to be discrete with low visibility and where the back of the staple should be unexposed. Fine wire staples are the most common type for upholstery and framing because it has a minimal effect when attaching fabric (textiles) to wood or plastic. And it is the go-to wire when you work with breathable membrane or vinyl.

Medium Wire Staples are available if you need a thicker staple for your application. A medium wire staple is an excellent staple for upholstery, but compared to a fine wire staple, it produces more holding power. This type of staple has a superb wood on wood joining capability and is therefore often used in manufacturing where the fine wire staple is not enough. The medium wire is also widely used when joining with plastic. Applications: Furniture Upholstery, Vinyl, and trim, Picture frames, Automotive upholstery, Labeling.

Heavy Wire Staples are the one to use when the job demands a robust staple. Due to its thickness, it takes up a more substantial area when used compared to its fine and medium wire counterparts. However, it provides greatest holding power and is excellent when joining wood or plastic to thick surfaces. The heavy wire is often used in construction and other applications requiring staples with the greatest holding power. Applications: Furniture framework, Roof shingles, House manufacturing, Packaging



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