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Velcro Type “Hook & Loop” Fasteners

Velcro type “hook & loop” fasteners are unlike any of the others on this list, yet it they need to be  mentioned. It is a fastener for clothe items such as clothing, tents, tarps or other similar items. Velcro type hook & loop fasteners consists of two strips of thin plastic sheet, one covered with tiny loops and the other with tiny flexible hooks, which adhere when pressed together and can be separated when pulled apart deliberately.

Common Applications of Industrial Velcro

  1. Solar Panel Attachment: Light weight solar panels can be attached with Velcro type fasteners
  2. Industrial Blankets: provide a cost-effective solution to keep them in place. Removable when they need to be and secure the rest of the time.
  3. Floor Mats and Carpeting: Velcro type fasteners are a great option for attaching floor mats and carpets in vehicles. It’s critical that these don’t slide out of position or interfere with driving.
  4. Medical Braces: Velcro type fasteners offer a lightweight, flexible performance that’s perfect for knee, back, and other types of medical braces. These braces are often opened and closed many times per day over the course of weeks or months, so they provide a great solution for patients and medical professionals alike.
  5. Orbital Sanding Discs: Standard attachment method for random orbital sander discs, such as those used for finishing wood. Their reusable and re-attachable quality makes them perfect for quickly swapping a worn-out sanding disc for a fresh one.
  6. Artificial turf mats becomes much faster and simpler when using Velcro type fasteners. The fasteners’ grip is strong enough to hold the turf in place even through rough play, and the relatively low profile minimizes the disturbance to the lay of the mats.
  7. Furniture Covers and Cushions: Used as a very simple fastening method to attach or remove covers and cushions.
  8. Attaching Signs: Simple, inexpensive method to attach signs to a variety of surfaces.
  9. Marketing Displays and Exhibitions: An inexpensive way to attach signs, labels, artwork, etc. to a variety of work surfaces when exhibiting.
  10. Automotive Headliners and Upholstery: Velcro type hook & loop fasteners have a variety of uses in the automotive upholstery business.



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